Welcome! Belk Scout Camp is located in the eastern most point of Mecklenburg County and is owned and operated by the Mecklenburg County Council, Boy Scouts of America, Charlotte NC.

Campsites and program facilities at Belk Scout Camp are available nearly year round for Boy Scout troops, Cub Scout packs, and other youth organizations. 

Belk Scout resources - maps, fees, traffic flow information and more - are listed below for your convenience.

File Name Description
Belk Camp Map A map of Belk Scout Camp. You may refer to this along with the activities list to determine the location of program stations. Download
Belk Scout Camp Map View a complete map of Belk Scout Camp. Download
Belk Scout Camp Printable Map Use this printable map as a guide to Belk Scout Camp. Download
Belk Scout Camp Usage Fees This chart lists all of the fees for facilities and equipment at Belk Scout Camp. Download
Camp Master Duties Use this document as a guide to duties at camp. Download
Traffic Flow for Cub World Use this as a guide when navigating through Cub World Download
Traffic Flow through Boy Scout World Use this guide when navigating through Boy Scout World Download